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Sandeep Singh The Director of Desh Bhagat Community Radio and the vice-president of the Desh Bhagat Group of Institutes, Sandeep Singh a thorough professional is a finance and strategy person, who runs the day on systems and procedures.
Finding loopholes in what you may think is a perfect laid out system is a way of life for him. A person with a subtle sense of humour, Sandeep usually opens each conversation with his favourite line: “I have a question”.
Sandeep is a full of life and a complete outdoor person, who looks at media as an opportunity to bind creative energies to fulfill his marketing and brand practices. Known as a brand man, Sandeep is recreating the Desh Bhagat Group with a regular eye on the market and a special watch over revenues and expenditure.
He feels that if media practices the right way, the society can benefit greatly as he feels the Press is yet to stand strong as the Fourth Estate.
Sandeep’s vision on taking the Desh Bhagat group to new heights is very clear and promising. Amidst all these business pursuits, Sandeep heart beats for the society, which is clearly visible in the way Desh Bhagat Community Radio runs and has become the voice of the community.