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Raula Shaula:‘Raula Shaula’ is all about imparting messages to society in a gentle and humorous manner. Generally, we pick topics from surroundings and routine life. Tune in to ‘Raula Shaula’ and we guarantee to ‘load your life with laughter’.
Rai Bahadur:'Rai Bahadur' is an imaginary character who gives his advice to politicians, celebrities, social activists and other known figures in the country on correct behaviour. And, he also shares his 'Bahaduri ke kisse' with the listeners of Desh Bhagat Community Radio. The motive is not at all to insult or hurt anyone, but to lend a meaningful smile to the listeners.
Dev Bharat: “Dev Bharat”, the protagonist talks about an ideal country and the reasons that were stopping India from becoming a country of dreams.
Hamara Samaj, Hamari Awaz:This is Desh Bhagat Community Radio’s effort towards creating awareness among people against drug abuse, environment protection, save water, importance of blood donation and for all those activities that are beneficial to the society and our environment in one way or the other.
Traffic Rules:Looking into the growing numbers of road accidents, the Desh Bhagat Community Radio has initiated a step towards spreading awareness among the people about road safety. Right from drunk driving to driving without helmet and overspeeding – the messages are clearly focused on safe driving.
Hamara Desh Hamare Adhikar:Hamara Desh Hamare Adhikar is an effort to create awareness among the people about their rights and laws that can be used to raise their voice against corruption, injustice and discrimination. Through its various episodes, Hamara Desh Hamare Adhikar informs the community about the various rights they can use effectively towards creating a better society.
Kahan Gaye Hum Log:This on-air content is about the degrading society, the relationships that are losing their values each day and the growing influence of the West on the age-old Indian culture. It motivates the people to get connected to their roots again, as that where the real India lies.