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Hara Punjab Khara Samaj
  • The campaign is determined to create awareness about environmental preservation and protection among its community.
  • The medicinal trees whose saplings have been distributed include Shrish, Neem, Banyan, Arjun, Amla, Amaltas, Kadam, Tamarind, Jamun and Hybrid Eucalyptus.
  • Apart from planting saplings, we also support the ban imposed by Chandigarh Administration on the use of polythene bags in the Union Territory of Chandigarh.
  • We have lobbied with Managements of various 3/4/5 Star Hotels across India to prevent the wastage of water in their respective establishments and advised them to plant trees that are suitable for environment.
DB Community This is one-of-its-kind an initiative in which:
  • We engage the youth community to participate in various music productions.
  • We produce their music free of cost for them and also broadcast it with special messages on abstaining from drugs.
  • Create response and feedback among the community by way of live interviews with the community.
  • This campaign is one-of-its-kind platform for the upcoming bands to showcase their talent, as lots of new bands are making a name for themselves. This show possibly plays music which almost nobody is playing on radio anywhere in the country.
SHAKTI: The Power of a Woman Through this initiative, we involve women from the community:
  • To come to the station to give their special message to the listeners.
  • To come to the station to give their special message to the listeners.
  • Share their experiences in life to motivate other women to move forward positively in life.
  • Provide information in all matter regarding women health, finances, domestic, professional, including all helpline messages and contacts.
  • Leading personalities of the city participate in this campaign where they also take up problems and issues concerning the community.