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1. Virsa Punjab Da

Virsa Punjab Da celebrates the Punjabi Culture by voicing its warmth and flamboyance live on the radio. Punjab shares a very rich and complex culture, one of the oldest in the world. The show magnifies the forgotten trends in Punjab reliving traditions, philosophies, poetry, spirituality, cuisines, festivals and dresses through music with a vivacious base of enlightening the social verve. Virsa Punjab Da also tells the tale of love stories in Punjab that have touched countless hearts in the region by exemplifying deep love. This is a very interesting show which will give you complete information about Punjabis and their lifestyles.

2. Mehfil-e-Cinema

The show gives a very entertaining peek into the lives of the artists and famous movie stars filtering moments that changed their lives and shaped their destiny. The celebrities may shine like stars in the glamour world for what they have achieved in their lifetime, but the story of hardships that they have faced and overcome are way more inspiring. With carefully chosen music, the show enjoys a large fan following with people tuning in to listen to the lives of their favorite celebrities.

3. Western Chartbusters

Western Chartbusters, in which we feature singers from the West and play select English songs, right from currents, hip hop, reggae to country for our listeners who have an ear for such music. Featured in the shows are singers and we talk about their personal and professional lives.

4. Healthy Morning

Healthy Morning is a fascinating show for the community that interviews with yoga luminaries, scholars and teachers with an expert background in yoga therapy. The show is enjoyed by those who like to keep fit or simply work on rejuvenation and renewing optimism by transforming stale routines in productive lifestyles. Yoga is also a great tool to build awareness. The show is enjoyed by the DB community every morning at 8am -9am every Saturday and Sunday.

5. DB Little Masters

DB Little masters is a show that nurtures the creative aspects in young children presenting them with a platform to voice their hearts in the community, thereby building confidence in their reading, writing, imaginative and communicative skills. Students are welcome to record on a regular basis. The young little masters take great interest in sharing quotes, poems, skits, articles, songs and essays.

6. Live Long, Live Happy

Live Long, Live Happy is a glimpse in the lives of young adults in their early twenties, looking into emotional, cognitive and psychological changes. This is the most crucial time of their lives when they are perusing dreams, exploring possibilities for the future, building close friendships and intimate relationships. Live Long, Live Happy discovers the tense moments and ups and downs faced during this time and enlightens the essential need to enjoy the lighter aspects of life. The how is enjoyed by our listeners to discover how challenges can be converted into opportunities and failures into new found dreams.